• Werewolves blood incense 15mg

Werewolves blood incense 15mg

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 Sandesh (SAC) Incense is not like any other available in terms of quality, presentation & fragrance. Sandesh incense is made using
traditional methods in Bangalore, India. Other cheaply made incense contain a petroleum based burning agent which can cause headaches
amongst other health concerns so when comparing products, ensure you are buying the best available.
Sandesh also guarantee that NO CHILD LABOUR is used in the factories that produce this product.


Werewolves Blood is extracted from the strongest most powerful wolves world wide. Werewolves are the natural enemy of the undead, creating harmony and balance throughout the world.

This unique fragrance is made using the finest natural organic ingredients to create enlightenment, clarity and strength.

Burn at least one stick per day to keep those blood suckers away…..

1 x 15mg box