• LPL CRYSTALS- Obsidian Pendulum

LPL CRYSTALS- Obsidian Pendulum

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Crystals have magically arrived at Little Paper Lane and we are so excited to have our own range to share with you. 

Each week we will share with you our latest selection that we hand pick from some of Australia's best crystal curators

All crystals have been cleansed with sage and incense before being sent out as set with intentions of happiness and all round good vibes. These crystals are the bomb 



 An amazing stone for protection and keeping negativity away 


How to use a Pendulum


 -Clear your mind and breath

-Hold your Pendulum with a steady hand on the end of the chain and let the crystal hang down. Once it's set you can use it over objects and people to answer questions 

-ask the pendulum a question that has to be answered with a yes or no for example: Is my birthday November 25th?(it is) if the pendulum starts to swing side to side then it's set that a side to side motion is the answer 'yes' up and down is a 'no' answer. 

-use the pendulum to answer life's questions or guide you to missing objects in the house or directions on where to go in life. 


colours may be slightly different to photos