• LITTLE PAPER LANE Crystals- RAW Amazonite $5

LITTLE PAPER LANE Crystals- RAW Amazonite $5

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Crystals have magically arrived at Little Paper Lane and we are so excited to have our own range to share with you. 

Each week we will share with you our latest selection that we hand pick from some of Australia's best crystal importers. 

Each crystal has been selected with love, magic and unicorn witchy instincts that Jayde was born with...don't be jealous guys, she shares her magic always with you all and makes sure each piece takes a little bit of her magic and good energy so you can feel the love wherever you take your crystals. 

All crystals have been cleansed with sage and incense before being sent out as set with intentions of happiness and all round good vibes. These crystals are the bomb 



The communication stone. Amazonite ranges from a mint green to an aqua colour. Amazonite is the ultimate stone for communication or throat issues.

Amazonite aids ailments amid mental and Etheric body. It will bring joy and is very uplifting. Helps to enhance creative expression. And will facilitate clearer vision of ones own harmful tendencies, making it much easier to release. 

Amazonite is helpful in opening the throats chakra and a great stone to keep around places where customer service is involved. It's also a great stone for helping people who lie, get past those fibs and open up about the truth. 

Stones are selected randomly for online orders. We aim to select the best stone for all online purchases

  colours may be slightly different to photos, 1 piece will be selected randomly