• Crystal cleanse set
  • Crystal cleanse set
  • Crystal cleanse set

Crystal cleanse set

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Crystals have magically arrived at Little Paper Lane and we are so excited to have our own range to share with you. 

Each week we will share with you our latest selection that we hand pick from some of Australia's best crystal importers. 

Each crystal has been selected with love, magic and unicorn witchy instincts that Jayde was born with...don't be jealous guys, she shares her magic always with you all and makes sure each piece takes a little bit of her magic and good energy so you can feel the love wherever you take your crystals. 

All crystals have been cleansed with sage and incense before being sent out as set with intentions of happiness and all round good vibes. These crystals are the bomb 


 ‘Cleanse and starter’ crystal set

It’s so important that when you begin your crystal journey you start with good cleansing tools.

In this set you will be able to cleanse your crystals as well as your home and office. 

White sage and Palo Santo has been used traditionally to cleanse yourself of any negativity or even unwanted negative spirits. Smoke cleansing is great for when you have a lot of crystals to cleanse at once. Or if you have a large space that needs clearing.  Simply fan the smoke around a room or your crystals for a few minutes or longer if you require stronger cleansing and let the smoke take the negative energies into the air to dissipate. 

Selenite is a cleansing crystal. It doesn’t require cleansing often but it’s nice to gently smoke cleanse it occasionally. To use selenite to cleanse a crystal leave your crystal touching your selenite for at least 20 minutes. Or simply place selenite around the room to help keep a space free of negativity. 

Included is also Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear quartz to help you start your crystal journey. Clear quarts is the ultimate healer and will amplify the energy of any crystal it’s near. Rose quartz is for love. And Amethyst is to help you be calm. 



1 x Amethyst

1 x Clear quartz

1 x rose quartz 

1 x selenite 

1 x white sage smudge stick

1 x palo santo


all in a little pouch with info card

  colours may be slightly different to photos