LITTLE PAPER LANE- Crystal infused Soy Melt-Watermelon

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Hand poured soy melts infused with Crystals

Coconut Flower is infused with Citrine for prosperity and clear quartz for overall health.

Awesome music was paying while these were made, so you may experience magical music vibes while you enjoy your soy melt scent.

There were no Unicorns harmed in the making of these candles. 

To use-

pop out a single cube into an oil burner, and pop a tea light into the oil burner and light. 

As the oil burner warms it will melt the soy melt and a beautiful scent will fill the room. 

When the tea light has burnt simply let the wax cool and harden and reuse until you no longer have scent left and replace with another soy melt cube


please use caution around children and animals. Wax is very hot and can potentially burn your skin. Keep out of reach and always monitor. Never leave an oil burner on when you leave the house