• Dark Days tarot deck with flip guidebook
  • Dark Days tarot deck with flip guidebook

Dark Days tarot deck with flip guidebook

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This deck is inspired by dark moon days, which are akin to rebirth and self-knowing. Tarot for Activists and Warriors. Use this deck to save your community and world. This deck is designed to favor the moon, thus the black and white hues. Elemental Tarot Deck. Develop a deeper understanding of the elements with this deck.

There are 78 cards in this is modern rendition of the Tarot.

Use this Tarot deck in your daily mystical practices.

Fan your Tarot cards and choose the card or cards that draw your attention.

These Tarot cards shuffle with the ease of a classic deck of playing cards.

Unlock your intuition with this dark-moon-inspired Tarot deck and traveling guidebook. 
Illustrated by Wren McMurdo
Guidebook written by Emily Mundy
~ 78 Tarot cards 
~ 180-pg flip-able guidebook
~ Tarot deck & guidebook box
Printed with 100% vegan ink
The Dark Days Tarot Deck comes complete with a quick-reference guidebook. Both the Tarot deck and guidebook fit inside the sturdy and smooth Dark Days Tarot box. These cards keep their shape well, bending magically back into place if accidentally bent.