• Crystal infused Candle bowl- Fairy Floss
  • Crystal infused Candle bowl- Fairy Floss

Crystal infused Candle bowl- Fairy Floss

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Hand poured with the highest grade soy wax, and scented with Fairy Floss 

Infused crystals include 

-clear quartz 

-spirit quartz


-angel aura





- please be careful when using your crystal infused candle.

-Make sure wick is trimmed to 1cm for every use. 

-place candle in a well ventilated space and not near other objects that may burn

- when burning your crystal infused candle for the first time as soon as the wax starts to soften it is advised you safely remove the largest crystals with protective gloves or tongs. 

- leave the smallest crystal chips in the candle so they continue to infuse the candle as you use it

- gently rinse excess wax from your removed crystal with hot water. 

-DO NOT rinse any selenite as it will dissolve simple leave wax on crystal and it will continue to scent your home..

-crystals are safe to leave in candles if you do not wish to remove but use a skewer when candle is lit to keep larger crystals away from the wicks. 

- crystals can withstand extreme heat and are safe in the wax. Once your candle is finished remove your crystals and gently use hot water to rinse off the wax. You can also place crystal in the warm sun on top of paper towel and let the sunshine melt the wax off as well as re charge your crystals. 


Weight: approx 1kg

burn time of 40-45hours