• Abalone Shell for cleansing $19
  • Abalone Shell for cleansing $19

Abalone Shell for cleansing $19



We absolutely love smoke cleansing as a way to clear unwanted negativity and to start fresh.

 The abalone shell is the perfect companion for any smoke cleansing ritual. As you cleans with your sage or palo santo it will catch any ash that falls behind. 

Including the Abalone Shell in your cleansing ritual is especial lovely as it means you incorporate all for elements of our earth as part of your ritual. 

The Abalone shell represents water as it comes from the sea. Sage and Palo Santo unlit represent earth as they are natural element of earth from trees and plants. When you light your sage or palo santo you are representing fire. And once the fire has been blown out the smoke cleans the air and home and represents air. 

The Abalone shell is also a beautiful decorative piece for your home. 

Included is 1 x abalone shell 

length approx: 15cm x 12cm x 4cm

weight approx: 150g


Photos may vary. Abalone shell available will be sent randomly. All natural products are naturally imperfect and will vary from piece to piece  

Sage and Palo Santo not included