• ‘No worries’ Crystal set
  • ‘No worries’ Crystal set
  • ‘No worries’ Crystal set

‘No worries’ Crystal set


Crystals have magically arrived at Little Paper Lane and we are so excited to have our own range to share with you. 

Each week we will share with you our latest selection that we hand pick from some of Australia's best crystal importers. 


All crystals have been cleansed with sage and incense before being sent out as set with intentions of happiness and all round good vibes. These crystals are magic


No worries crystal set

'No worries’ crystal set has been created to help our littlest loved ones take away fears and worries. Perfect for kids with anxiety, those that can’t fall asleep due to fears, school separation anxiety and any general busy brains that need some clarity and calming. Included in this set is a ‘worry doll’ that originated from Guatemala. Legend says you tell your worries to your worry doll when you go to sleep and pop under your pillow at night for the worry doll to take away all your anxieties and fears. It’s also helpful for children to place in their school bag so they know they are protected. 

Crystals included are 

-amethyst to help sleep and calm their little minds and nervous system. 

-hematite to help protect and ground them. 

-rainbow aura for keeping emotions centred as well as helping to bring more joy to their dreams. 

-all in a small calico bag for safe keeping. Please monitor children under 4 as the crystals are small and a choking hazard 

  colours may be slightly different to photos