The War in my own home.

A new threat has emerged in our life. 


A very very cute threat...


"Brought to you by Nuffnang and Bravecto"

It’s been 3 years, 1 month, 29 days, 1 hour and like 12 seconds since the adoption of the White Beast of North Avalon into the nobel Leeder family of 4 humans.


For 11 months of the year she goes by the name of Coco...or Cocobear to her family. Her full name is Coconut Leeder and she was born in the form of a giant white Alaskan Malamute dog with fur as soft as…. like really soft fur, and a heart full of human obsession and love, with a belly that hungers for any food known to man.


The White Beast’s passion for her humans, has always been strong as was/is her ability to knock her small human siblings down with one swoop of her tail with a force stronger than the gale winds in the mountains of Narnia. Her size grew fast and although gentle in heart, her mountainous exterior grew quickly and stronger and her bond with her family was a force unlike anyone had seen before. 


She could not be left alone…. like EVER!


The Queen Jayde, Coco’s human mother, and the King Steve her human father of the Castle of North Avalon tried everything to ease her anxiety, but the fear of her family never returning from their long and arduous 12 minute journeys to supermarkets and school pick up’s, was too much for Coco to handle, and this was the beginning of the metamorphoses of Coco into The White Beast of North Avalon.


December 1st was drawing near. 


Like a werewolf on a full moon, Cocobear transformed into the beast, unknowingly to her family and even to herself. 


Rapidly her fear of being alone increased. The White beast destroyed everything in the castle as she so desperately wanted to stay close to her family even when they went to the got awkward...a lot.  A cry at the door was heard by anyone who dared close the door, and it was no whimper. It was like no noise ever heard before. The Queen was startled when she first heard the sounds coming from under the door as she tried desperately to brush her teeth alone in the bathroom one late November morning. She thought her beloved White Beast had been injured, but alas, it was just the white beasts desperate cries for her human mother to be visible...because bathroom doors are apparently very very scary to ginormous puppies. 


It was soon discovered the anxiety the White beast had, was more than just a gentle worry for being left at home. It was. INTENSE. 


As the first decorations were carefully and lovingly added to the first Christmas Tree that Coco would ever lay eyes on, her very own decoration of a polar bear that she so closely resembled, was placed lovingly by her prince brother Iggy, and she licked it with curiosity. An uncertainty spread throughout the castle. For shoes had been eaten, and books annihilated, toy bears insides spread far across the castle. What future did the decoration that lived amongst the Christmas tree of the castle hold?! 



One night as the Family spent Christmas cheer with friends they arrived home to the castle to what could only be described as a heartbreaking massacre. A family of Cardboard covered reindeer had been the victims. The family of 3 had suffered deeply. Both physically and emotionally. The child reindeer had been killed by the White Beast powerful sharp puppy teeth. The mother was disabled with only one leg and deaf in one ear as her ear had been ripped off. The Father’s emotional scars of watching the horrific slaughter of his family before his eyes and not being able to do a thing because...well he’s cardboard. Meant only one thing... he wanted revenge. And so, they watched over the beast throughout the night and waited until the sunrise in hopes that the Queen would not be gentle with her punishment of her beloved Christmas decorations.


 They were right. 


The Queen was furious and told her village of the land of Instagram all about the destruction the beast had caused, and their support got her though her devastation as they told tales of other families with their own Christmas beasts in their own lands destroying their Christmas decorations. The Queen did the only thing she knew was right for everyone...every decoration was placed high on a shelf...The beast’s eyes almost looked sad as she placed them out of her reach. 




Christmas saw other decorations murdered, and presents were also the victims of the beast torture. The first Christmas was cruel to the decorations, and the Queen told many tales of the beasts conquests to entertain her Instagram village to help the Queen’s family cope with the torment that was bestowed upon them.


It was exactly 3 Christmas seasons the White Beast of North Avalon arose with destruction. The Queen was victorious each seasons with less and less of her beloved decorations losing their lives. It was the love that the Queen and her family had for the Beast that got them through it every year. And even with the carnage and destruction, their love grew for the beast and the pain of the loss of decorations became less. 


Until Christmas of 2015, when the Beast’s belly was full after a night devouring an entire house made of gingerbread. Legend has it, that you can still hear the screaming of the poor gingerbread people who lived inside. Their memory will never be lost, and their delicious house was never to be tasted by the humans of the North Avalon Castle for the scent of dog slobber, left no enticement to eat the remaining parts.  The long lead up to the 3rd Christmas throughout the year, it was evident that the Beast needed a companion. As the summer drew closer, Her skin was raw from hot spots and allergies to fleas, combined with her anxiety of being left alone, and the time for a new friend (and vet visit) was drawing near.


The village local vet had said she needed a tasty chew to help ease her itching by protecting against fleas and paralysis ticks. For almost 3 summers she had endured hot spots from flea irritations and her anxiety, and all of a sudden her skin was not itching her, as her new Bravecto tasty chew which is the only oral chew she LOVES to eat, had stopped those irritating fleas and lethal paralysis ticks. And with the potential arrival of a new family member drawing closer, and the busiest season of Christmas for work for the Leeders, her Bravecto is the only oral chew to deliver 3 months’ flea and 4 months’ paralysis tick protection for dogs in a single tasty dose, Giving the family less stress knowing the Beast was safe from paralysis ticks and fleas, and this was looking to be the family's best Christmas yet. It was the only Summer and year the Beast didn't have hot spots thanks to no skin irritations from fleas thanks to her Bravecto protection.


2 weeks before the red suited jolly man with the white beard visited the Avalon castle to deliver gifts, After searching far and wide across the land of Sydney, a new friend was introduced to the beast as a potential dog brother.  A sort of ‘trial’


His coat was of the same snow-white colour but his size was gigantic in comparison to hers. This new friend, was to be her male sibling if they were able to live harmoniously together in their castle with their family.


 The White Beast and the white bear were not a perfect match. After a day of being together a colossal death match erupted within the castle between the Beast and Bear. The Christmas tree of the Castle was almost destroyed in the epic battle. Decorations, simply innocent bystanders were killed in the destruction of the fight and it was at that moment the Queen knew this was not to be their new family member. And so, he left to live in another land far away from the White Beast. 


 Christmas of 2015 was spent in the most wonderful way. The entire castle was alive with joy as the Queen and Kings family all came to spend the day together. The Queen’s Brother brought his own Puppy beast, and the dogs enjoyed a beautiful Christmas day with their family and they knew their next fur family member would need to be a puppy for Cocobear to boss around


They were unable to find the right puppy before Christmas, as a puppy for Christmas was the ultimate goal after their long search for the right family member throughout the year.  Suddenly only a few day after Christmas the puppy they knew would be the perfect brother to Cocobear was found. A little bit late for Christmas, but to the Leeder family, he is still forever their Christmas Puppy.  And he was meant to be.

Thor the wolf puppy who turned an already amazing Christmas into an even better one with his arrival to the Leeder Castle, was immediately loved by all. And it took only a few hours for Cocobear to clean her new sibling brother and sleep close to him. 


By the new year Cocos skin was completely back to normal without an itch. (THANK YOU Bravecto seriously saved this giant fur monster from being uncomfortable through the year by getting rid of one of the things she’s allergic to. FLEAS) The White beast had hibernated into her soul almost immediately after the Big Bear had gone and the gorgeous Cocobear was back and not one decoration was lost and with the arrival of the new pup, the anxiety had subsided as well. 


2016 will be the first of many Christmases with the Leeders completed family and the first ‘Official’ Christmas for the one year old German Shepherd x Husky Thor. 


On the first eve of the beginning of the Leeder Christmas season at the Avalon castle, after the tree was decorated and the house was warmed with Christmas spirit, the house was quiet while the humans all in slumber, and a lone wolf, whose name is Thor 11 months of the year, quietly ate his first reindeer. The White beast emerged from Coco's soul and watched on with a grin. Her protégé made her proud. Her battles were only the beginning and she thought she had lost the war. A new threat has arisen. And the Queen’s roar was heard all over the land the next morning. A lone young wolf named Thor.


But even the death of another decoration reindeer could never ruin the magic both the White Beasty and the Young Wolf bring to the Leeder family in their castle at Christmas time. 

It wouldn’t be Christmas without them…. or destroyed reindeer and stolen gingerbread houses inhaled by the Leeder family dogs. 



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