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I have not been on my blog for a while...sorry about that. I am hoping to be back now that things are slowing improving with Mintys infection on her head. I'll go more into that later. I've shared details on my instagram  this year about whats she's been through, but it's been pretty heavy dealing with it all, so I had to just chill on the ol' blog for a bit. 
Minty Rocking her new short hair. I had to cut it all off because of her infection.
True representation of what I may look like daily at the minute...but my hair looks MUCH better here. I have roots for years. 
 So back to online reality. I've been doing some research lately on all sorts of different things with business and blogging and one thing that is always so LOUD in my face, is that one question...'what is your niche?!', and how knowing your niche will help grow your blog/business/hair/toenails or whatever you are growing. And every time I read it I get stumped. 
What if you don't have a 'niche'. For those of you smiling and nodding but not having a fucking clue what the word 'niche' means, its just a  fancy word for 'group'. Like 'Mummy blogger' which that term I know shits a lot of people, but it's just so you understand what the fuck I'm talking about, and it would mean you blog about 'mum life' or shit that you do with your kids, or sharing ideas on staying sane while raising kids. Or Perhaps you are a 'travel' Blogger and you write about travelling the world and looking hot in a bikini with your arms in the air looking out over the Greek islands while I sit on my ass on my couch reading about it while I eat Tim Tams and wonder why I don't look like that . Perhaps you are a 'food' blogger and the reason why I can't find pants that fit me because your recipes are fucking delicious. Maybe you're a 'health and fitness' blogger...and I've never heard of you because I am too busy eating all the food I made on that other chicks blog that makes the best recipes. Maybe your niche is 'Money'. Tonight I sat and read through the websites of these amazing finance blogger type people and I was sitting there with my mouth open and dropped to the floor, because some of these women do this thing where they list their blog income each month and they earn like $50k a month from blogging and I was like 'fuck a duck I need a niche stat' I don't even make that a year and I work a hundred hours a day...
It really did get me thinking and researching, and the question kept rolling in my brain... 'what the fuck niche am I anyway?'
 I own a Stationery shop and graphic design studio. So retail is a huge part of my business and our graphic design is huge. So I could just start sharing shit about my business and that's all great but I'm not that type of human to just share work stuff all day. I am like the octopus of business. And I keep growing arms. My business/blog/social media is all a mix of different niche's. My social media is a business. But Im not a 'social media' blogger. My children are a huge part of my social media and blog. But I'm not a 'mummy blogger'. My business is stationery and gifts, but Im not a 'craft and diy' blogger. I am a teacher of many things, but I'm not a 'teacher' blogger..I don't even know what that niche is. You see my personality, my style, my life is all so full of contradictions and juxtapositions, that I could never just fit into one 'niche'. So my question to myself is always 'what the fuck is my niche'..and as I was writing this I didn't know where it would end or what it would mean...But I kind of guess I answered it. 
 I've never been polarised by anything in my life. In school I was the popular kid. I was the drama kid. I was the music kid. I was the athletic kid. I was the stoner kid. I was the nice kid. I was the damaged kid. I was the injured kid. I was the friend to everyone kid. I was the lonely kid. I was the funny kid. I was never just one thing. And I have never and I will never be just the one thing. So I don't really fit into a niche. So what do we do in this online world of niche's when we don't quite fit?! We make our own niche. The niche that anyone and everyone can fit into it. 
You can be a 'mummy', 'travel', 'health', finance' blogger any type of blogger. Whatever you want to be, you can be apart of this niche. 
 As I grow my business you will see that more octopus arms will grow. The next arm is starting to form as I write this post, and as I write it, I realise just how relevant it is. My business already has an awesome gang of humans who follow and support each other. I affectionally call them my 'LPLGang' And my gang is soon to be official and I want you to be apart of it. 
 It will be for those of us that need a place to be entirely ourselves. For those of us that want to be creative and want to be with other creatives. A place to laugh. A place to celebrate the little and big wins of the day. But it will also be a VIP club. 
Little Paper Lane even has a Gang member window display ;) 
So if you don't know what niche you fit don't need to. Be your own niche. We may not get on any 'top 20 travel blogger' lists...But by being our own niche, it means we can talk about everything and anything we want. My business is not just pretty paper. And I'm not one to just share the pretty paper. I want you guys to know the humans behind the pretty paper. Niche or no niche..


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  • Posted by Jenny on

    This is great! I wanna be part of the gang
    Your imagination is your niche, you have a brilliantly imagination

  • Posted by Kylee on

    I love this. I’m so not a niche person, I jump from thing to thing with my head spinning trying to keep up. So Twilight Zone that I read this tonight when just this morning I saved that “unicorn in a field of horses” print to show my daughter and here it is on your post.

  • Posted by Beck @ craftypjmum on

    I’m with you babe. I struggle to find the niche that I “belong” too. Maybe that’s why my blog is not successful. All I know is keep doing what your doing, you are loved by many xx

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