I'm Back Baby YEAH!

Ok quick catch up....website was hacked, or broken, or the matrix swallow it or something?! I have no freakin' clue. All I know is that we went on a trip to the US, I wanted to document the whole thing and we couldn't even get on our website and then spent 5 weeks of travel trying to sort it out across the sea. IT.WAS.INTENSE!. 

So we got back home end of September and Steve and I pretty much made a new website at weird hours of the night while trying to keep kids and dogs alive and run the shop and every single bit of Christmas stock arrived about 1-2 weeks after we got back...which was originally going to be fine, but not when you have to make a whole new website that also includes an entire POS system and online store...HARDCORE. 

So we did what we always do and just did that shit at light speed,(hA ironically enough our last POS was called lightspeed and was a pain in the ass) and we got things happening quicker than ever before. But my blog had to take a back seat because I've been entering stock now for 7 weeks almost daily. Some days would be like 9 hours straight entering products which includes either taking photos, or downloading, getting descriptions, adding to the POS and online store. Each product can take a lot of time and I was getting 15 boxes of stock at a time. FUN TIMES. 

So we have lots more we want to do with the website. We have big plans but we have to get through the retail crazy that has taken over our lives. 

So what else has been happening?! Oh yeah, I totally found out one of my followers who was a friend for almost 6 years online turned out to be a massive hideous human that was sending disgusting messages to me and people I know or work with or just bought jeans from. So THAT was fun. 

Almost passed out a couple weeks ago and found out my blood pressure is HIGH, which the dr was sure was from just all the 'busy' + online crazy lady + anxiety disorder and this time of year pressure. I wasn't feeling totally out of control but my body was telling another story, so Ive been doing acupuncture and hypnotherapy which is awesome and I had a weekend of being valium and pain killer doped just to have a 'break' and I'm meant to not get 'stressed' so yeah thats fun. I feel ok honestly, I just can't get too 'worked up' which is glorious to tell someone who owns a retail shop at Christmas to do ;) 

I really really want to share more of our trip so I will sort out how the hell to use this blog and get some posts up. So bear with me while I sort my shit out. Ive never been away from my instagram so you can catch up on many stories there. Thanks for waiting...I got a lot of messages wondering if I would ever come back and of COURSE I would, I just needed to get an actual website and life smootherish. Hehe when will it ever actually be smooth I wonder haha


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