• We may just kill the small shop..every one of us.

    It's a funny thing the world of retail..well not funny..more like fucking heart  racing panic to heart racing highs! Anyone that owns a retail business will know that all too familiar rush of worry and elated happiness. Every day in retail land is now not predictable like it once was. We used to ... View Post
  • Your Online 'voice'. How much is too much(or to little) to share?!

    I've had a convo with one of my friends today back and forth via message about how people portray very different versions of themselves online compared to their 'real' life. The reason it all started was because I posted on Monday about not fitting into a 'niche' and that it turns out you kind o... View Post
  • No what?!

    I have not been on my blog for a while...sorry about that. I am hoping to be back now that things are slowing improving with Mintys infection on her head. I'll go more into that later. I've shared details on my instagram  this year about whats she's been through, but it's been pretty heavy dealin... View Post