To Cloth, or not to Cloth?!?!

What a great week we’ve had in the nappy world! I never thought I would quite say or think that sentence really?!?

Last Week I was invited to the very lovely Eco Baby Boutique in Collaroy Flower Child .   Our day Started with Minty waking up a bit cranky pants and clingy. So I was a bit nervous about taking her in this mood. She gets wild our Minty when she isn’t well or tired or whatever it is that makes baby pissed off at the world. 

We arrived and warmly greeted by Sal who owns Flower Child and Ella who helps Sal with everything. Immediately I felt warm and welcomed. Miss Minty who usually commands the spotlight was not her usual bubbly self to begin with, so I didn’t know how the day was going to go with Suzy sad pants clingy to my throat!?

Looking around, you could see everything was bright and beautiful, and very Eco friendly. Lots of lovely toys and products for bubs and mums that I would buy in a heart beat for any of my girlfriends and their babies. But most importantly their Nappies really stood out. Flower Child specialize in Modern Cloth Nappies(finally I know what MCN stand for)  and are Sydney’s only real life, reusable cloth nappy store and stock beautiful Australia Modern Cloth Nappies.

So We got a bit of the cranky out of Minty by throwing toys at her and this awesome necklace that is made for babies to chew on and she devoured it(great invention BTW) and Sal showed me the HUGE range of Modern Cloth Nappies. I have always wanted to use cloth nappies, but I always thought they would be super complicated. . . I WAS SO WRONG! Sal showed me how to use them, and we popped one on Minty to wear while we were chatting and now that I think about it. . . Minty stopped being all pissed off. . . WHOA!?! She was crawling around all happy and cheeky and exploring and having a ball! Maybe the Nappies are not only easy to use, great for the environment and great on the wallet but MAGICAL at making babies happy 😉

We had such a nice time and I left with a big bag of different cloth nappies to try with instructions in case I forgot what to do. . . I am proud to say I didn’t need the instructions! They are THAT easy!

So the Nappies we have tried out this week Have been~

Pop In reusable Nappies

pop-in-nappy_pinkturtle-webI have to say the ‘Pop in’  are My favourite for night time! They are so easy to use with the velcro,  and they have a double elastic leg to ‘catch’ leaks and poo explosions! I was worried they would stick to things in the wash with the velcro, but the little tabs stick to some hidden velcro and you dont have the problem. There is also a night booster pad  which we found essential to night sleeps! Minty has about two bottles at night and she does so much wee and she had no leaks once! There was also a quick dry minkee booster which was SO perfect for Day! It dries so quickly, and we were able to use it twice a day some days we were home! I have to say I was SUPER impressed with the ‘Pop in’ Nappies and i will be stocking up on more of them! 

Sal suggests you need about 20 MCN’s to keep enough on hand, and so you are not constantly washing! Parents spend about $2000 every two years on disposable nappies, and around $600 for MCN’s all up. But They last so well, your next child or relatives or friends could also use them after you are finished! You can by more booster pads, and you need a flushable liner. I Used the cushie tushie flushable bamboo liners which catch solids, and you just throw in the toilet! EASY!

The other Nappies we tried out were Bonniebuns and I think these are my favourite for day! They also come in a huge range of patterns that are so so cute, which I feel like is important, especially in the summer months babies are sometimes only in a nappy and singlet. They breath beautifully and are just an all round great nappy. We will be totally using these ones from now on and they just sit so nicely on Minty. It was like they were made for her! They are so soft, and we didn’t have any leaks at all! 



This was the pattern we loved so much! You can get them HERE 

and the other brand we tried was Wild Child Nappies Which I found had the best inserts! You can fold the insert to position the thickness of the liner to where your baby most wets! We never got any leaks. But I did find them to be a smaller nappy. Minty is very slim so she was fine in it, but she is very long so she wouldn’t fit in this size for very long. It would suit younger babies for sure! They are super soft and fit very well. But if you have a super duper chubby bubby I would think about using one of the other brands! I like that these came in plain colours too, a big selling point for me! 


Overall, Minty was dry, never seemed uncomfortable, they are easy to use, and importantly very good for the environment. It saves landfill, and saves you money and if you are a busy parent like me and don’t have time to do a million washes a day, you wont! We didn’t have a lot of extra washing a day. We do at least one to 2 washes a day having two kids and they don’t add a huge amount to the laundry pile which was important to me, as we just don’t have the time to be doing a million washes a day! They just went in with our normal loads. The other thing that was interesting was that when i was pregnant with Minty I had full intentions of using cloth and bought some super cheap ones from eBay and I also used them along side these ones, and I have to say, you get what you pay for! The cheap ones were the only ones that leaked and they left red marks on her stomach and sometimes thighs, and I had to wash her clothes almost every time I used them! I didn’t have to change Mintys clothes once after using these ones! IMG_4266

Thank you so much to Flower Child  for introducing us to Modern Cloth Nappies. We are totally on board and going to make the conversion! If anyone wants to find out more information about MCN’s or to have a demonstration in store, Sal will help you with everything! She really knows her stuff and is super duper lovely and friendly!! 


  • I agree, cloth nappies are so easy to use! They are fabulous. They have come a long way from the days of square towelling nappies. There are some fabulous designs and colours on the market and some really great features like the velcro or snap buttons. I really like the purple nappy pictured above.

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