My fav’s

Instagram has been such a good place to share memories about the shop and my family and our little lives. People have been so kind to us. I was going through some of my photos on Instagram and thought I would share some of my favourite photos from the last year.

928984_185508211637705_357548586_n ed5d73202d7d11e3bfae22000a9e0782_8 1598849_635681419824038_2038372330_n 1530626_168956846648999_1992564990_n 10249286_661041177266165_664633057_n 926987_663485587045026_833347297_n 1171695_352262581577949_1357341296_n edb9bf9012d411e39d2822000ae9062a_7 7c17e1942dbb11e3b4e822000a9f130c_8 81b1bcaa346511e3b19622000a1f9d89_8 10326428_662904507120163_48611808_n 1742437_235167396681239_1763156667_n 4e031502af4e11e3a9b012caf79f2cdf_8 917497_1437296506508519_690173222_n 195b2d8c263f11e3b2db22000aeb1b88_7 914658_572091062886294_139790655_n 10453975_657394441013945_1756763805_n f0bd424ea5ef11e3825712fc96992b08_8 926546_785512218176363_100855782_n 1516479_632910030098822_1576552661_n 926224_546211922155977_1031507226_n 1390122_460399477404333_293069860_n 1389281_225649880941117_1275590844_n 1740308_464740136960286_945626826_n

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One Response to My fav’s

  1. Megan says:

    That grumpy Minty photo will never get old. But seriously, I could never choose a fave out of that bunch, they are all pretty amazing.

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