I promise there is kindness in this world

We live in a world that can be horrifically cruel. We live with different religions, different races, different intelligence, different views. We live amongst selfish, horrible crazy fucked up people. They werent born that way. They were bred that way by their families, or by religious leaders, or education providers, etc etc. If they just kept to themselves, it wouldn’t be as bad as it is right now. But they dont. They act upon their ignorances. They believe what they are doing is somehow ‘right’. . .but we all know, THEY actually know that their actions and words are terribly wrong. I dont know how to change the views of people who do horrific acts to others? Governments think they know how to change things. They seem to either make it worse, or are in fact the ones doing inhumane things to their people and other people of the world ‘for the greater good’. Its not fair. Not fair to victims. Not fair to families. Not fair to witnesses of these horrific acts. Not fair to kind people who share the same religion. Not fair to others who didnt listen or agree to those who told them to think a certain way.

There is unfortunately many huge massive assholes in this world. Selfish mother fuckers. Idiots.

We can be the difference though. ALL OF US!!

We need to show others that there is still good. There is still kindness. there is still open minded people. There are still people out here who will make the world better.

We have to try to be more kind to each other. All of us. Smiling and saying hello as you walk past a stranger isnt that hard. But to someone having a horrific day, imagine how that smile and hello can change their mood and day.

I am constantly blown away by the kindness that people I dont know as well as people I am very close to, show me.

The thing about kindness is. . . its contagious. Its the perfect disease to spread around. The side effects can be global if we all sneeze that good shit all over the place.

I experienced an amazing act of kindness yesterday. We have been so hectic preparing for a wedding fair we were invited to at Moby Dicks in Whale Beach and our brains were very busy, happy but very very tired. The day was so non stop busy crazy with lots of lovely people and couples looking for stationery and decorations for their weddings. Late morning there were so many people we were chatting with and I noticed a lady standing very patiently waiting for her turn to chat. When it was her turn for a little hello, she said hi and handed me an envelope with my name on it and said that she ‘just really wanted me to have this’, and I thanked her, thinking it may be something to do with the fair. Lots of event stylists and different industry people were coming along to say hello and giving us cards and things and I just assumed it was a little package on a cd or small brochure about who they are. She left quickly smiling very warmly at me. You could tell she was a nice person, by the gentleness of her voice. Some people emit kindness I guess. As she left, I sat down and Steve was sort of talking to some people and I opened the envelope. There was a card inside with a beautifully written note.

It explained that she followed me on Instagram and she had seen one of my recent posts about our dog Coco(11 months) eating my nikes.(along with the whole studio) and she wanted to gift me a new pair. Tears welled up in my eyes and I bolted out the door to try and find her. I had to say thank you. I had to hug her. I had to tell her she was kind. I couldnt find her. When I sat down I explained to Steve what happened and he was in shock. She had not only written a beautiful note to me, she had included money in it so I could buy a new pair of shoes. This time of year is pretty hard for us. We work extra hard(like most of you do) working out ways to get by, and there was no way I would be able to afford a new pair of sneakers until we get busy again at Christmas, and even then its not a guarantee. Owning a small business is hard work. I know a lot of people struggle with money with businesses too and sorry to be a downer. Both Steve and I work for this business so we rely on Little Paper Lane to keep food on our table. But even though its a bit tough at the minute, I still feel SO guilty accepting this gift. Some people dont even have shoes. Some people dont even have food. And I messaged a couple of my friends today about it explaining how guilty I felt. They of course made me feel better, but I cant shake it. I think because I haven’t been able to say thank you to my generous stranger. . .  If you are reading this lovely lady. You made me cry happy tears. So many happy tears. I also told a few friends at the fair yesterday what you did and they too cried happy tears. I am blown away. BLOWN AWAY!! Thank you for showing me kindness. Thank you for what you wrote in my card. Thank you for buying me new shoes. My Back and my knee are especially grateful. 

I am trying to work out the best way to pay it forward. One day I hope I can do something like this for someone. But until then I will be for sure smiling more at strangers, taking a little more time to make kids laugh and making an effort to make peoples day a little happier.

There are kind people still out there. They are everywhere. We just seem to hear more about the people who are committing their lives to making the world horrible. So lets blow them all away by being kind. The best way to get back at assholes, is to smile and show kindness. And share your stories more. Lets flood the world with happy  stories and kindness. And try and pay it forward as much as possible 🙂



  • Wowsers! What an awesome story! I love the way you’ve written this Jayde – you’ve inspired me to pass on my own good vibes to those around me, even strangers! Much love xx

    • YAY lets all do more kind things! I helped a man lift his groceries one day, and he was so grateful, its a bit selfish, but helping people or knowing you make someone smile gives you such an amazing feeling. We should do it more.

  • Awesome story Jayde and very inspiring for us all to take a step back and smile more – kindness makes you feel good and you certainly do share lots of it – given your stupid back and knee problems. There s a another beautiful soul out there and she should feel good knowing that she has made a whole lot more of us smile.

    PS – Can you please write a book – in your spare time – your education and attention to current affairs and street smartness has paid off – love you to the moon – Mummsie xoxoxox

  • I really needed to read this right now…the horrible things happening lately overseas have really been affecting my mood and I don’t think I realised it until right now. Thank you Jayde for sharing such a heartwarming story. What a beautiful person that lady is. She couldn’t have given a pair of new shoes to a more deserving person. I don’t know you, but I can see how hard you work, for your family and your own creative self, all those hours you put in on those spectacular and well thought out window displays!!! Truly amazing. I will definitely be remembering to use kindness a whole lot more now too. I always look at the person walking towards me and smile, but never have the guts to actually say hi (for some ridiculous reason) I always think they’ll think I’m silly. But you’re right, when someone does randomly say hi, it makes my walk to the bus/work THAT much happier.

    • Such a nice comment, thank you so much 🙂 Its funny isnt it. I am quite confident when talking to people usually, but I too used to feel a bit weird saying hello to people when out and about. But i just started saying hello more and more when I made eye contact with people, or if Im just rushing around I try and always smile if I make eye contact with someone. Smiling really can make someone have a great day 🙂

  • Hi Jayde,
    How gorgeous is that lady! Such a lovely gesture. I follow the antics of you and your gorgeous family on Instagram (I’m lollymuzz, but usually a bit shy in the commenting department!). I’m moved to comment today as I your post resonated with me in light of the kindness of many received by my family recently. My 11yo daughter suffers from Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. The hubs and I decided to see if we could raise a little money for Arthritis Vic, who have helped us out in a big way throughout our journey with this nasty illness. So, crazily, we entered ourselves in the Run Melbourne event and have been hard in training. A couple of weeks ago We pressed send on an email to colleagues, family and friends. In less than 12 hours, we had exceeded our $1000 goal! We were speechless. I was at the hairdressers of all places as the emails streamed in announcing one donation after another, and was quite overcome by it all. The hairdressing staff then offered to fundraise on our behalf. Next to me sat a lady in foils who turned out to be a local pub owner. She’s now conducting a raffle for us. We’ve now more than doubled our goal, well in excess of $2000! People everywhere are just pure gold, one need only go scratching beneath the surface. Some of the most generous people have been ones we barely know, or people who we know slightly but didn’t expect a response from! Our little family has never felt so humbled or so valued in our local community. We hope to make a difference. Big love xx

    • OH MY GOODNESS!!! This i sthe BEST! Oh how wonderful and generous are people. You are going through so much right now, and for people to step up and help like this must be something that warms your hearts and takes some of the burdin off your shoulders. AMAZING! Thank youf or sharing and thank you so much for following along on IG. Good luck with everything, I am so happy you have a lovely support network behind you 🙂 xx

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