Motex is BACK!!!!


We are HUGE fans of MoTEX here at Little Paper Lane. If you haven’t met MoTEX yet, then prepare to be DAZZLED.  (more…)

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10 facts about me.

So I’m doing a little course on blogging called Clever Cookie-School of Blog created and run by Fat Mum Slim and Rowe Timson and its really rad and super fun, even though I am a few days behind, because, well, life!!! But one of the lessons was a fact sheet on 100 different ideas to blog about. And holy crap did my brain explode with idea’s. SUCH a good course. If they do more courses in the future you need to totes do it. Its been like a week and a half and every single day there has been a different lesson or advice or info. SO good.  (more…)

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Pinterest Picks. Loving this week


I love random awesomeness. All things that are a bit quirky. Last week I wrote about how I was not ok. It was for R U OK day. It wiped me out. Sometimes sharing about our struggles and the shitty parts of life means reflecting and remembering. And that can be exhausting mentally.   (more…)

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What it feels like to not be ok!

Are you OK?!

IMG_8091I’ve written before about how my brain has not always been ok HEREAnd I have learnt that through sharing about how I have not always been ‘ok’ that its actually helped others as well as myself.

 Ive had my ‘wild brain’ since I was 17(I was however born a wildling at heart). Since then I have learnt things that trigger panic attacks and just being generally anxious are, (more…)

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Pinterest Picks. Studio spaces



I love seeing amazing creative spaces. I love seeing where people spend time creating. I’m more drawn  to the spaces that are filled with ideas and colour and not too ‘neat’ looking, (more…)

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Instagrammers to follow NOW



If you follow along on Facebook or Instagram you will know that I like to share my fav peeps to follow as well as get people to connect with each other on social media. For me, I am in this world of social media as much as real life so Its lovely to get to know other people in my little world and I want you to get to know them. I love creative people. I want to walk around their brains and hang out. These are a few rad people who inspire me constantly on IG 


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Pinterest Picks . . . Wrapping fun


    OK!!! Don’t freak out. But its September.

That means Christmas isn’t very far away. Usually September I start to have mini heart attacks. Christmas products will be arriving next month to prepare for the shop. So that means if we want to have Christmas at home actually on Christmas day, I have to get my shit together like this month. (more…)

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Prints of my dreams


Seriously. . . how bloody rad are people. They create amazing things with their minds and hands and I am always in absolute awe of it. I know I have my strengths, and I try and improve them all the time, but there is just some stuff I cannot do. I can’t fly a spaceship, (more…)

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Studio DIY headquarters



THIS. . . this is what makes my heart go boom boom boom! I just want my entire world to look exactly like Studio DIY 

I just found this amazing tour via The glitter guide  which is another awesome website that must be stalked constantly, and I was having the vapours and drooling at it all.  (more…)

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Tattly Temporary Tattoos





If you know me. You know I am a big fan of tattoos. I do know they are not everyones cup of tea, because of the permanent nature of them. But now there are tattoos that are not only temporary, but very pretty and very cool. (more…)

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