Summer just ended. . .shit


Summer officially ended. That sucks balls. I didn’t get time to enjoy it gahhhhhhhh I actually went outside on Sunday with a magazine and sparkling water and sunscreen, sat down, about to ‘force’ myself to get some sunshine cos I saw my family the previous week and they said I was a ‘bit paler than usual’. . .I am usually the tanned one. Not that I want to promote unhealthy tanning. . I am alllll about the sunscreen. But you know how some people get to eat what ever the fuck they want and stay skinny. . .yeah I am not one of those people, so I need to brag about things I scored in the game of life, and being tanned in like 15 minutes and having smooth skin and good strong hair that you can bleach the shit out of, is mine. I may not be able to find clothes that my legs fit in, but DAMN IT my skin looks fantastic. Well usually. If I actually remembered to summer. FUCK. LUCKILY I am starting a new beauty website (cough* plug plug)soon so hopefully I will ‘have’ to test fake tans and just glow like a freaking tanned orange and I wont even feel sad that summer left.

 So right now the sun is still shining so I promise to go outside even for a few minutes a day. And enjoy the summer.

 Oh hey, speaking of Endless summers, I totes forgot to tell you this massive awesome thing.


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HAPPY New Goodies

I know I know. . . you’re all like ‘where the fuck has this chick been?!?’ I am here. I am just expanding and growing things and being the Sagittarius that I am. I crave adventure.  So more things are coming. Such good things. But more on that later

So the last few weeks have been bullshit crazy. Like everything was happening ALL at the exact same time. I almost lost my shit completely. Steve said I didn’t stop talking about shit non stop for almost 3 days. I was WILD. But also super amazing things happened. SO the high of highs and the annoying of annoying. But focus on the good. Cos the good is hardcore.

So tonight Imma keep shit light. Cos it was getting heavy there for a while wasnt it!?

But I NEED you to see all these amazing little products that have been fluttering in the shop over the last week. We have been mad worker bees. Entering products uploading products getting things prettied up and in the shop. So here are a few fun things

wwhbagla (more…)

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LOVE WEEK..can you hear that universe.

I’ve had messages over the weekend from people very close to me that are ALL dealing with giant issues. It’s not just us. So many people I love dearly are going through horrible things. BIG BIG YUK BULLSHIT things. We have been going through horrible things(all good though, life is just being challenging all at once) as well as dealing with horrible people online(more about that later cos I’m very cranky at the internet) But things for everyone just aren’t getting better. I had a good chat with the moon when it was about to be the full moon last week and told it to get its shit together and help people through all this, and the moon thought it would be SOOOO funny to leave a big ‘fuck you’ at my door…like a DAY after I asked it to make stuff better…what an asshole.  So I thought Ok I best have a chat to the universe AGAIN because it’s having a dandy time shitting all over the place and we have run out of toilet paper, and it chose to have a little shitstorm all over the place.10949033_200438316793191_1053635175_n (more…)

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New Moon Less Loon.

OK. SO, the start of this year Mercury was in Retrograde. I still have no clue why this makes everyone lose their fucking mind but apparently it does. If I had more time in the day I would spend three seconds to google it but as life would have it, I have a looming valentines day window that should have been installed on Sunday but due to my complete lack of organisational skills I am still in the middle of making it, Its taken me like two days to write this, I HAD to spend an hour longer than was needed at officeworks for Iggys back to school supplies because that place is like crack to me and I just don’t have time to find out why Mercury and its retrogradyness makes the world lose its shit. LUCKILY Trixie the Thermomixy(that will take me eleven years to pay off) is making life VERY happy and quick. Mother of god that machine is good, but more about that another time.tumblr_mzlodkc2al1qas1mto1_1280



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10 MORE Facts about me.

Ok so last time I did the 10 facts about myself it was all the little weird oddities I have. You can read them HERE 

So this time I thought I would tell you 10 things that are good, or I am good at. . .this feels super weird. I’m way better at telling the world all my weird and odd things. But its good for the soul to recognise the good shit inside of us. . .ok. Please don’t think I’m a wanker. This has taken me like 2 months to put together cos I had trouble thinking of things to write



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What makes you feel better?!

Did you know that Mercury is in Retrograde? I honestly have no fucking clue what that really means, but I do know that its fucking around with my(and heaps of other people) mojo. . .it’s not cool Universe. But we just kind of roll on and keep on keeping on, cos you can’t dwell on shit. You just can’t. You turn into a cranky pants negative Nancy and nobody likes a pain in the ass that sits there in the ‘poor me’ corner non stop all day long. Just get on with it. Tell your story and make a little joke about it and move the fuck along. Shit sometimes sux, but it’s how we handle the shitty times that defines who we are as people on the big planet floating in the Universe. I’m not going to bore everyone with all our weird things that are going on, cos honestly, it wont make things better, being positive and moving forward is what will make things better. (more…)

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DIY Gold Leaf dot print

I promise, I didn’t vanish. 2015 just started fucking weirdly. Shop wise and work wise, things are awesome. So I am going to focus on that. Focus on the good.

So I did this little DIY and it’s quite easy to do and looks great on the wall or would make a great leafprint


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DIY Glitter feathers

I am very lucky to be the Craft and DIY contributor for the gorgeous bellaMUMMA and in the lead up to Christmas I have done a few easy little DIY’s to make your Christmas a little more sparkly and happy. Pop over to check out the glitter feather decorations  that make everyone smile.


xphoto-4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6qV_HEv7hCYou can find this DIY HERE

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MY INTERNET IS WORKING. . .so I went on Pinterest


I know that we should all be able to function quite easily without internet. . .but I just   can’t. My business, although is stationery and gifts that are like the opposite of technology, ironically I need technology and the internet to make the magic happen. One example is Pinterest. It not only inspires many projects and keeps the creativity flowing, it also drives traffic to my website. My website has things for sale. The things that are for sale are bought by humans and they in exchange for goods give me money via paypal and then I use paypal to transfer money to my account and walk into the grocery store and use my card to buy food for my family to eat so that they don’t die. (more…)

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Into the fold. Something special for YOU


I am surrounded by talent. I really really am. Whether its amazing designers who create stunning products that I am privileged to sell in my shop, or on social media. And Because of my job, being quite the creative outlet, I am constantly introduced to awesome products. I am also very lucky to be gifted many amazing little things and I am always so overwhelmed with how generous people are to me and my family. I am so grateful. And excited that I get to offer my peeps a little treat. (more…)

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