New Adult Colouring books

We love Adult colouring books at Little Paper Lane. It’s so good for the mind. It’s so relaxing. And colouring in doesn’t require too much skill. You can pick up any colour pencil or pen you like and spend 5 minutes or 5 hours colouring in.

 We are excited that more local and Aussie designers are coming up with beautiful books for us all to colour in.

Someone we are VERY excited to welcome to the shop is Northern Beaches Artist Libby Watkins new colouring book. You can find it online or in the shop NOW!


We also have a  few other amazing colouring in books from some super awesome artists.



lalaland-colouring-book-reach-for-the-stars-1000px-1000px lalaland-colouring-book-life-in-pattern-1000px-1000px lalaland-colouring-book-the-deep-beautiful-sea-1000px-1000px lalaland-colouring-book-australian-wanderlust-1000px-1000pxyou can find all these lovely books in store or HERE


Parent fail x 3 plus 1

Do you ever just feel so guilty as a parent that is makes you want to cry?!?

Last week was tough for my brain. I have way too many things going on in my head, and my anxiety went sky rocketing. I didn’t get enough sleep and this always triggers my anxiety. The panic was in my chest all week and was horrible. (more…)

How to drive long distance with a death flu and Kids


I have had the most jam packed month. We moved house, we had the Moby’s Wedding fair which was a lot of preparation. Iggy had school holidays and had hand foot and mouth disease right in the middle of moving house. I drove to Melbourne for a trade fair, and came back in a day because I had to host a dreamcatcher work shop at the very awesome Dtll Workshops, and then got the flu, you know like the painful aches and you feel like death, and then I had another workshop to host and I thought I was getting better, but I got super dizzy and sick and managed to get through the workshop, but I felt terrible, and I had to drive to Lennox Head the next day so I could make it to my best friends daughters party. (more…)

Decorating with Plants


I am trying VERY hard to keep plants alive in our house. And when I say ‘I’, I actually mean Steve my husband. Because I seriously suck hardcore at keep plants alive. I want them everywhere but I don’t want to have to look after them. I already look after a husband, two kids and a mentally unstable giant beast dog. So we try to keep plants around that are a little lower maintenance. I’ve heard air plants are the way to go. And of course succulents, but even those I seem to kill. (more…)

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We are a Happy Paper boutique on the northern beaches of Sydney, stocking beautiful products from around the world and from our very own backyard! We stock, notebooks, wrapping paper, ribbon, gift cards, invitations, and lots of little gifts! Come and say hello!

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