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Instagram has been such a good place to share memories about the shop and my family and our little lives. People have been so kind to us. I was going through some of my photos on Instagram and thought I would share some of my favourite photos from the last year.

928984_185508211637705_357548586_n ed5d73202d7d11e3bfae22000a9e0782_8 1598849_635681419824038_2038372330_n 1530626_168956846648999_1992564990_n 10249286_661041177266165_664633057_n 926987_663485587045026_833347297_n 1171695_352262581577949_1357341296_n edb9bf9012d411e39d2822000ae9062a_7 7c17e1942dbb11e3b4e822000a9f130c_8 81b1bcaa346511e3b19622000a1f9d89_8 10326428_662904507120163_48611808_n 1742437_235167396681239_1763156667_n 4e031502af4e11e3a9b012caf79f2cdf_8 917497_1437296506508519_690173222_n 195b2d8c263f11e3b2db22000aeb1b88_7 914658_572091062886294_139790655_n 10453975_657394441013945_1756763805_n f0bd424ea5ef11e3825712fc96992b08_8 926546_785512218176363_100855782_n 1516479_632910030098822_1576552661_n 926224_546211922155977_1031507226_n 1390122_460399477404333_293069860_n 1389281_225649880941117_1275590844_n 1740308_464740136960286_945626826_n

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I promise there is kindness in this world

We live in a world that can be horrifically cruel. We live with different religions, different races, different intelligence, different views. We live amongst selfish, horrible crazy fucked up people. They werent born that way. They were bred that way by their families, or by religious leaders, or education providers, etc etc. If they just kept to themselves, it wouldn’t be as bad as it is right now. But they dont. They act upon their ignorances. They believe what they are doing is somehow ‘right’. . .but we all know, THEY actually know that their actions and words are terribly wrong. I dont know how to change the views of people who do horrific acts to others? Governments think they know how to change things. They seem to either make it worse, or are in fact the ones doing inhumane things to their people and other people of the world ‘for the greater good’. Its not fair. Not fair to victims. Not fair to families. Not fair to witnesses of these horrific acts. Not fair to kind people who share the same religion. Not fair to others who didnt listen or agree to those who told them to think a certain way.

There is unfortunately many huge massive assholes in this world. Selfish mother fuckers. Idiots.

We can be the difference though. ALL OF US!!

We need to show others that there is still good. There is still kindness. there is still open minded people. There are still people out here who will make the world better.

We have to try to be more kind to each other. All of us. Smiling and saying hello as you walk past a stranger isnt that hard. But to someone having a horrific day, imagine how that smile and hello can change their mood and day.

I am constantly blown away by the kindness that people I dont know as well as people I am very close to, show me.

The thing about kindness is. . . its contagious. Its the perfect disease to spread around. The side effects can be global if we all sneeze that good shit all over the place.

I experienced an amazing act of kindness yesterday. We have been so hectic preparing for a wedding fair we were invited to at Moby Dicks in Whale Beach and our brains were very busy, happy but very very tired. The day was so non stop busy crazy with lots of lovely people and couples looking for stationery and decorations for their weddings. Late morning there were so many people we were chatting with and I noticed a lady standing very patiently waiting for her turn to chat. When it was her turn for a little hello, she said hi and handed me an envelope with my name on it and said that she ‘just really wanted me to have this’, and I thanked her, thinking it may be something to do with the fair. Lots of event stylists and different industry people were coming along to say hello and giving us cards and things and I just assumed it was a little package on a cd or small brochure about who they are. She left quickly smiling very warmly at me. You could tell she was a nice person, by the gentleness of her voice. Some people emit kindness I guess. As she left, I sat down and Steve was sort of talking to some people and I opened the envelope. There was a card inside with a beautifully written note.

It explained that she followed me on Instagram and she had seen one of my recent posts about our dog Coco(11 months) eating my nikes.(along with the whole studio) and she wanted to gift me a new pair. Tears welled up in my eyes and I bolted out the door to try and find her. I had to say thank you. I had to hug her. I had to tell her she was kind. I couldnt find her. When I sat down I explained to Steve what happened and he was in shock. She had not only written a beautiful note to me, she had included money in it so I could buy a new pair of shoes. This time of year is pretty hard for us. We work extra hard(like most of you do) working out ways to get by, and there was no way I would be able to afford a new pair of sneakers until we get busy again at Christmas, and even then its not a guarantee. Owning a small business is hard work. I know a lot of people struggle with money with businesses too and sorry to be a downer. Both Steve and I work for this business so we rely on Little Paper Lane to keep food on our table. But even though its a bit tough at the minute, I still feel SO guilty accepting this gift. Some people dont even have shoes. Some people dont even have food. And I messaged a couple of my friends today about it explaining how guilty I felt. They of course made me feel better, but I cant shake it. I think because I haven’t been able to say thank you to my generous stranger. . .  If you are reading this lovely lady. You made me cry happy tears. So many happy tears. I also told a few friends at the fair yesterday what you did and they too cried happy tears. I am blown away. BLOWN AWAY!! Thank you for showing me kindness. Thank you for what you wrote in my card. Thank you for buying me new shoes. My Back and my knee are especially grateful. 

I am trying to work out the best way to pay it forward. One day I hope I can do something like this for someone. But until then I will be for sure smiling more at strangers, taking a little more time to make kids laugh and making an effort to make peoples day a little happier.

There are kind people still out there. They are everywhere. We just seem to hear more about the people who are committing their lives to making the world horrible. So lets blow them all away by being kind. The best way to get back at assholes, is to smile and show kindness. And share your stories more. Lets flood the world with happy  stories and kindness. And try and pay it forward as much as possible :)


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Paper Bag storage awesome

We JUST got these amazing new storage bags in that are perfect for every space. So you can just chuck everything in, and it looks cute in any room! DONE. BAM. EASY!

The are 55 x 84cm and $14.95 each. BARGAIN

go buy some from HERE 

02toysqudardo copy

clothes_bag_01 copy

03paperquadrado copy

stuff_bag_01 copy

01plastic1quadrado copy


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Pinterest Picks – Packaging perfection

Do you just LOVE beautiful packaging?!? I absolutely love it. I am always drawn to products that have been thoughtfully designed and packaged. If a product has had that much effort put into the way its presented on the shelf, then I am always left thinking that the actual product itself has had just as much thought and love put into it. I know they say you must never judge a book by its cover. . .but seriously, you sometimes really should. My Pinterest Picks this week are all about beautiful packaging












you can find all these HERE via Pinterest

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Sweet dreams window display

As most of you know, we try and make a big effort when it comes to our window displays. We have the perfect little window for cute displays and every 4-6 weeks it gets a little change. And it seems to be getting more and more elaborate as we create them. Its important for shops to make an effort with their visual merchandising. Shops should be a special and creative space. No matter what the shop is. A shop that makes an effort with the way it looks will draw more customers in to it. And working in the space is so much better for the soul. I have been invited to talk about how I create my window displays and how it can help with business both online and in store :) So if you are in Melbourne and heading to the gift fairs, check out Reed Gift fair and look for the Retail Hub and you can come along to hear me have a chat about the process of how window displays happen. Here is the latest window that took FOREVER but was totally worth it. 

10478235_10154309449085471_2318949957544184746_n 10532535_10154314294075471_5084173516381161890_n 10463997_10154317144415471_7368889858603941571_n 10502066_10154320636625471_6284810306228904878_n 1545062_10154305615880471_4532169799730703314_n 10457952_10154320245850471_1683614924910512896_n 10514610_10154394742305217_816475520239976108_n 10492009_10154320422885471_5473045232229419310_n 10552464_10154320629980471_960131118196089656_n

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Bloomin’ Pinterest picks

I am a day late with my little pinterest picks :( I went away to my Aunty and Uncles house in Shoal Bay(i know poor me) we sat and made dreamcatchers for our next upcoming window. . .it was awesome! I will share some more on that this week :) If you follow me on Pinterest you will know I enjoy a little Floral pin :) so this week I thought I would share some of my favourite blooms :) 








You can find all these pins HERE

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Pinata perfection

How bloody awesome are Pinatas?! I dont want to smash them, I just want to hang them all over town and look at their cuteness.

And they are not too hard to make. You just need a little patience and a lot of love for pinatas. . .cos really, what would be the point if you didnt even like the things?! You could go and watch a movie or play handball or do something else. But for those of us who think they are just tops, I found some very cute little DIY’s all over the interwebs for you to enjoy. . . and hopefully create!?!

I mean, its a cactus. . . a cactus pinata. What’s not to love about this cute little guy.

1ac24be6bcac5524f6630e0197d10b76DIY HERE

mini pinata cuteness 52a33b8f0dc3646bf862ab77ea1cf4c5DIY HERE

Sparkly gold pinata make overDIY-Gilded-Paper-Flower-Pinata


Taco pinata of coolness DIY-Taco-Pinata2DIY HERE

Watermelon pinata Watermelon-Pinata1DIY HERE

Birthday cake pinata 9bec41cd1c29165ccd9b4dc4caa406b5DIY HERE

Ice cream pinatas Ice-Cream-Pinata2DIY HERE

Flamingo PinataDIY-Flamingo-PinataDIY HERE

If you cant sit and make these yourself, you must visit the original pinata fruity maker Kit Palaskas  IMG_1192_600



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Instagrammers you need to follow

So if you are on Instagram like me, and you’re anything like me, you are completely in love and addicted to it?! And if not, them maybe you need to follow some awesome people who make Instagram so much more fun.

I have found that being on social media and especially Instagram I am forming amazing relationships with such an awesome community of creative and fun individuals, that have led to some great opportunities for me both personally and for my business. 

Time to check out

Suzanne from @myfabulousdesign always has beautiful photos and amazing taste. She is also my Pinterest buddy. If you love perfect monochrome styling with tiny little pops of colour, then this is your gal. I could look at her photos all day long.


Jaclyn from @blogsociety is one of my real life friends and we became friends because of Instagram. We host The Sydney Instameets a few times a year together and she is so inspirational and SUPER lovely too. I just want to be friends with her forever. She is just that warm and guenuine.


The way too gorgeous Rin from @paperedthoughts is a must follow. She not only shares all her amazing snail mail designs and crafty creations, she is also our special shop helper. She is hands down one of the most giving people you will ever every meet. I love her guts forever.


Lou from @tabletonic you just have to follow. Not only does she have beautiful photos of her amazing shop, her lust worthy wardrobe, drool worth salads and home styling that any of us wish we had even 1% skill of what Lou does, she is also my lovely friend. And  she is just one of these gorgeous people you want in your life always. Love her love her love her.10362302_246889132166248_911927744_n

Kara from @lulu_lucky is just amazing! I often see her photo pop up in my feed and I instantly pop over to her profile and scroll through her pic’s. Kara is one of these talented little creative people who you aspire to be like. From her watercolour to calligraphy and natural talent for styling, her photos always make me smile. She is my Facebook friend, and its so nice to be getting to know her more and more even though we live a state away from each other.


@laurablythman is another profile I find myself scrolling through before I go to sleep at night. Such a great artist. With such a happy feed of her own work and collaborations and family. If you like smiling, you will love Laura!


The stunning @galina is so worth following if you just want to feel calm and warm. Something about her beautiful calligraphy and love of stationery always makes for beautiful photos. I started following Galina after she won the 7vignettes competion by interiors addict that I was lucky enough to judge.925996_1439801506247385_1820014726_n

Nikki from @bellamumma is pure happy to me. Nikki introduced herself to me when I had first opened the shop and has ALWAYS been a HUGE supporter of us. We fast became friends and she spoils me with little beauty gifts that she knows I will go nuts over. Her super popular blog is the perfect combination of beauty, healthy, style, life, food flowers and MORE. She deserve support from everyone. She is truely kind and I am so lucky I get to call her my friend.


There are SO many people to follow who will inspire you, and I will pop up a few of my favourites from time to time, but if you pop over to my very own Instagram(feel free to follow along) have a little browse through who I follow and check them out.

This is ME. . . follow me HERE


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Pinterest Pinks. . . see what I did there ;)

I love the colour pink. And for a long time when I was younger I didnt like to admit it. What a weird thing to want to hide from people. God I’m a weirdo. Lucky I like weirdo’s. When I was a youngn’ in my early twenties living in Canada, I started to embrace who I was and all my little idiosyncrasies which included my love of Pink. And I just let my little colour obsession roll.  Yes, I know its just a fucking colour. . .but goddamn is she a good colour. I love her any type of pink. . . bright, pale, fluro, pastel, deep whatever Pink shade it is. I love it.

I seemed to have pinned a fair few pretty pink photos on Pinterest last week and I thought you may enjoy.


Watermelon print via Pinterest


Pink light via Pinterest

39e2c0e63a5879f3a619a7f48121211fPink cacti via Pinterest 

9758aeb5ae429bba9a9b1b37b1af0607A pink entrance via Pinterest


Party favours via Pinterest 


Flamingo love via Pinterest  

1420af41b7b9805c40d4e8b35480d1e1Blooms via Pinterest


I love pink hair via Pinterest



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Paper art

Paper artists really blow my mind. Some of the things they create are just so freaking stunning, I am usually left speechless. . .me. . .speechless. . .doesnt happen often ;)

I thought I would share with you some very stunning pieces from some of my fav artists.


by James Gordon via The Snap Assembly 

portfoljen_bildFideli Sundqvist 

ablushofflamingos1Benja Harney



Samantha Gazel



21940c93e40773d29f38d193fd129403Zim & Zou




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