Wrap it, wrap it real good!

So following on from Last post about Xmas Traditions, I wanted to share some wrapping inspiration. A tradition we have enjoy the last couple of years, is a fun competition every year for the Xmas period on Instagram  and  it’s always so fun to look through all the amazing wrapping everyone from around the world has created. It gets you into the spirit of Xmas and even the grinchiest people still love to see a pretty wrapped present. (more…)

Xmas Traditions

Christmas is a big and happy time in our house. As the kids have started to get older we have realised we have some small traditions we tend to do every year. Just little things, but we all look forward to it especially the kids, and they have already started to talk about it now, and it really gets me all excited for the silly season. (more…)

New to LPL

It was a big week last week We had a lot of deliveries to the shop and even though it was very exciting to see all the new goodies, it was a MASSIVE job getting everything entered and merchandised. Christmas is upon us. I know that’s scary, but it’s seriously only 7.5 weeks away. Every year I always think we had a quick year, but this year was seriously quick.


Featured Blog, Patchwork Cactus

Meet Bab’s aka Patchwork CactusI met the sparkly magic head Bab’s the very firs time we every had an instameet. There was only a small handful of us, and Babs had been into the shop before, but this was the first time we actually started to become friends. She is an almost wifey, and is Mumma to two cute little kidlets. With  a bunny and chickens, and a head full of great DIY’s for both kids and adults, and freelance writing for some of our fav online sites, she is also a social media magic maker and shares some of her mad skills at workshops on the central coast where her little family moved to a few years ago from the Northern Beaches. . .SMART MOVE. . .rent SUX BALLS here.


10 Prettiest Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year. Our little beachside village really gets into it. It’s fun seeing kids run a round in their little costumes, but I am loving the effort people go to with their decorations. Especially their pumpkins. (more…)

Neon Dreams

I have a thing for Neon lights. Like I have all these ‘plans’ for them, but my little wallet doesn’t want to magically produce the dollars. SO I am going to continue to dream up neon awesomeness, and continue to drool over my Pinterest and enjoy what the rest of the world does with neon. Here are a few recent and a few favourites I have pinned (more…)

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