It’s time to move

So we totally get the keys to our new house on Thursday. Thats 2 sleeps people, get excited. It’s both super exciting, and super sad. Our new place is so different to the house we are in now. Our house now is an old weather board house that is our ultimate dream home. A lot of renos need to be done to it, but ultimately this is the type of house we would love to one day buy and renovate. Our new house is a lot newer, but not too super modern. It’s still ‘us’ and I’m sure when I get my hands on it, it will be very ‘us’. It will be hard to leave the pool here, especially in summer. Mid morning in the sunshine by the pool having our coffee is magic and I will miss it so much. Both my babies learnt how to swim in this pool. Iggy was always terrified of water as a baby and toddler and it wasnt until we were here that he started to feel confident in the water. I’m so glad we didn’t push him because he is so in love with swimming now. Minty was born a mermaid I am sure. The first summer here when she was 1 and a half she was jumping off the side and swimming with her little floaties on head under ass up. Our giant polar bear puppy was adopted at 8 weeks and the day after she came home we sat by the pool and Coco thought water was ‘solid’ and tried to walk on the water. Poor puppy. But such a funny memory.



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A little look around the shop for you all. I always feel bad that the entire world can’t pop in to visit. So hopefully this can ease the pain a little. If you are in Sydney come and have a hello, we are located at Shop 5-1 Waratah Street, Mona Vale. I hope we get to see you soon :)FullSizeRender 9 (more…)

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Five Easy Monochrome DIY’s

I went for a reaaaaally long time not letting black homewares into my life. It was a phase. I was like super into hot pink at the time. And before that shabby chic. . . so EVERYTHING was either white or white with bits of colour. Now that I’m a grown up, I’m trying to style our house the way we want to. Not the way trends dictate. Which makes it hard sometimes because I am obsessed with fluro and we all know that it’s on its last legs when it comes to being ‘on trend’. I don’t care, I just have to do it my way. But one thing that has really stuck into my soul is black and white homewares. With hits of colours always, because I am colour mad, but I always like a nice clean white or natural base. five easy diy's (more…)

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Keeping up

How the fuck do we do it? I am genuinely curious. How do you keep from losing your shit and just running away to Antarctica where you just have to make sure you don’t lick telegraph poles and always wear fifteen thermal tops and Eleven jackets and that is hardest part of your day.FullSizeRender


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This is an important message for YOU.

The last week, I have been kicked out of my house, my brother’s best buddy died and was only in his 20’s, we looked for new houses that will be ok with a giant white polar bear of a dog to rent(this is harder than it even sounds), nominated for top 100 kidspot voices of 2015, had mini panic attacks, not slept well(this is not good for someone with an anxiety disorder, because lack of sleep is a MAJOR trigger), nominated for top 3 in parenting and style for Voices of 2015, found a house, started packing, worked, worked, worked, Minty had conjunctivitis, then coughing fits so bad she spewed her guts up and didn’t sleep well, went to a movie premier(still writing that post), had a family emergency, had some other family stuff that was worrying us all and then it went really well, worked more , and kept the kids alive somehow.

 SO emotionally its been super fucking HIGH and hardcore low. Do you know what that does to a girl?! I am meant to stop drinking Coca-Cola today, but I might give it until my new health plan starts on Monday cos stopping my coke addiction on top of all the weird stuff may not be the best move. Coke addiction is of the liquid variety too, the deviated septum is from being born crooked I promise. . .holy shit can you imaging the ranting I would do if I was also a cocaine addict?! I honestly don’t think the world could handle me as a drug addict.

So what I thought I would share that is helping and what is SO important to remember and focus on is that we can get through the hard and the good times by breathing and being around supportive people. 11138009_1463545393936063_1215654996_n

First, my super simple breathing technique I use is to Breath in for 4 or 5 counts, hold or 4 -5 counts breath out 4-5 counts and repeat until you are calmer. Really concentrate on the counting of breaths. Its super simple but super effective.

Also surrounding myself with supportive happy people.

11311058_1647964995419988_1591248542_nMy supportive humans are my family, my friends and even my online community. Sharing my stories and struggles and happy times helps me SO much. It may not help others to share, but for me, when I share something that is either really good, or super crap, the response is generally positive, and encouraging because more people open up to me, and I feel a lot less anxious when I hear others who have dealt with things like I have and the ways they get through it.  We ALL have struggles. Mine is no worse than others or any better. And our struggles are all relative.

Sometimes my problems might not be as ginormous as others, but we are allowed to feel the emotions we feel. And just try to get through it in a positive way if we can. Sharing isn’t for everyone, but it is for me. I don’t think I will ever be able to show the gratitude I have for my humans.

11241870_431139263732066_671040876_nSo I wanted to send out a lovely big THANK YOU to my beautiful friends who I confide in with all my ‘stuff’ like ALL of it. They always support me and offer advice and an ear(usually a phone cos I am texting them a hundred things). And to my family. All of us love each others guts and I am so lucky that we all look out for each other always. And my gorgeous online community. Some days its just you and me. I am sometimes on my computer for days at a time working and without the support online I get from everyone I would lose my shit completely. Some of you are now some of my closest friend and without you I would totes be sad face all the time.

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Something awesome happened!!! Kidspot voices of 2015 Top 3 :)

little-paper-lane-top-3Something magical has happened. But I feel like I am in a fog. You know when you have a dream and you are this mega famous person and you are naked and it sort of doesnt matter cos you are totally hot and famous and everyone is clapping cos they are all like ‘ yeah go girl, you strut your famous naked ass around’, then in the  dream you realise you are totes not famous at all and you most certainly ARE naked and you ate way too many cheesecakes and are not looking glamorous and people are booing you. . .I feel a bit naked  right now,  and people, do not look at my giant wobbly thunder thighs, you WILL hurt your retinas.  (more…)

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We’re Moving

 It was a bit of a big week last week. I shared some stories about whats happening on Instagram so I thought I would share a little more about why I was SO anxious last week11373704_1616614028597668_963426191_n

So much seemed to happen last week.  Iggy turned 8, Coco ate half his Minecraft cake and I thought she was totoally going to die cos it was chocolate plus ALL THAT FONDANT in a dogs belly cant be good. . .it didnt end in a very pretty way AT ALL. ALL over my bathroom. A rat was confirmed to also be living here, and Coco tried to get it by jumping over me and almost landing in the wahsing machine sending the washing powder in my hand flying all over the fucking place. We were also asked to move out so the owners of our house could move in, and I almost vomited from anxiety about it. (more…)

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Emily_Henderson_Bando_Offices_DesignDo you know who is?? You totally need to know, that we sell some of their goodies in the shop and from the minute I saw discovered them, I was a fan. Everytime I see anything posted or created by them, its like they were in my head having a party.  (more…)

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Standing out in the social media crowd

scandinavian or american style room interior with painted frame background for text

Lately I’ve been pondering. . . Pondering the thought of social media. You see my job is to look after not only my own business’s social media, but to help others create a social media identity/brand and how to use, as well as maintaining a few rad businesses social media. So I am seriously looking at it all day long. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a rad a job to have. (more…)

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Donut pinboard

Last week, there was a magical day in the States. NATIONAL DONUT DAY which was created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the men and women who served donuts to soldiers during World War I. We totally need to have a donut day here in Australia. OR we could just eat donuts whenever the hell we want and enjoy our giant asses.

My Instagram feed was flooded with images of donuts. Its was GLORIOUS. I went to 7eleven to get krispy cream and bought ALL the donuts. And we ate ALL the donuts all weekend. Whoops.

So I thought to celebrate National Donut Day I thought I would share something fun and donutty that wont make your thighs grow rapidly.

I found this super cute little Donut pinboard from Paint the gown red that I LOVE.





donut pinboard close

uploads-20140820T0135Z_e6ab0ae67ba7a3f34a1c86318614c8c3-IMG_1186editFor all the photos and instructions on this rad little DIY jump onto Paint The Gown Red


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