Alex and Ant make kids look rad!!!!

I have to say, I am pretty lucky. Since opening my shop, I’ve tried to maintain a good online presence through my social media pages. Its super important for our business to be imersed in the online world, especially social media. We dont have the money to spend on huge advertising campaigns, or bilboards or tv commercials. We rely every day on people seeing what we do and what we sell on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

So far I think Instagram has been our best platform on social media, because I try to not make my account all about products. I like to show that we are real humans who have a family and a little look into our world. I think its really important. It builds our relationships with our customers, and they get a more ‘personal’ experience through shopping with us. And I think people can relate a little more especially families and other working mums who dont feel so alone when they see me up at 1am balancing  Midnight Minty(thats what we call our 19month old who often wakes up at midnight for a little dance and chat) as well as doing emails or making window display. working odd hours is how we all have to make it work, and I think others can relate. I know I feel a little better seeing other people showing pictures of not just all the ‘pretty’ but of the ‘real’ life they live!

By sharing with the world a little bit of my kids, Ive been lucky enough to receive amazing gifts for them and I love to share photos of these gifts and give my honest opinion on the product. Recently Minty was gifted with the cutest pair of Alex and Ant cream animal print pumps. It was perfect timing. She has just decided she loves shoes. I didnt think she was my child for a while cos she hated anything on her feet, but since learning how to walk properly she has started to fall in love with shoes. Straight away she wanted these on and even though they are still a tiny bit big, they still seem comfortable on her. They are so soft and light, and most importantly AMAZING quality. . . and they look way too cute!!!

cache_350_350_animal shoes

Minty has just started to wear them around(A LOT) and even with them being a touch big, because of the softness and the elastic they still seem to fit on her feet totally fine. So they kind of grow with them. SO IN LOVE WITH THEM

Keep and eye on my Instagram for Pictures of Minty in her cute new shoes

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Sydney Instameet

Its that time again for our SUPER FUN Instagram meet up! The very lovely Jacylyn from Blog Society  and I are so excited to be hosting it this time at the new West Elm Sydney  store in Bondi Junction on July 23rd from 7-8:30pm. Everyone is very welcome but you must RSVP here so you don’t miss out. We have teamed up with some amazing partners to make the night more yummy, happy and fun. They are 

Origami, Bondi Bartenders, Extra Mile Pictures, Wander and Scout,  and Jardine Botanic 

1045126_495598110509320_1721512449_nWe really hope you can join us!? See you there :)

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Making me smile this week


So many pretty colours this week! These are images that are making me smile a lot!

5c6105f699b6ce2a0f67c917ee16b6d5watercolour wall via Pinterest

40a2ea4445704f6d7407397af119d16ePainted sticks via Pinterest 


Pink hair via Pinterest 

1240aa53763b14b12970881691ee522ePaper Lights via  Pinterest


Miranda Skoczek


DIY pretty icy poles via Pinterest 


Amazing Paper art by Nathalie Bouette  


Pretty paper envelopes via Pinterest 

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Wedding wonderful

I just really love imagining my next wedding. . . wait. . . that doesn’t sound right! What I mean to say is, I spend way too much time on pinterest and although my husband and I have had two weddings together (one in Canada one here in Australia), I still imagine how I would do our ‘next’ wedding!

The possibilities for decorating it are seriously mind blowing to me! I didn’t have as much knowledge and crafty mad skills back when I was 24 getting married! IMAGINE a Little Paper Lane wedding! We could go CRAZY!! I have helped to make decorations for weddings and styled my brother and sister in laws wedding, and if I had any more minutes in my day I would go full barrel doing wedding decorations and styling! Its such a magical day for couples(i still might. . . watch this space). We create custom invitations at Little Paper Lane, and get to meet with couples all day, and its always so fun chatting with them about how they will make their wedding stand out or what unique things they will include and create! We love helping them with ideas and I thought I might share today a few lovely wedding ideas I found!

hidden-valley-retreat-wedding20130423_84 So pretty via Ruffled Blog 

Montana-backyard-wedding-Katch-and-Kory-15 Montana-backyard-wedding-Katch-and-Kory-16

Simple cute little touches for an outdoor wedding via 100 Layer cake 

sonoma-california-jewish-wedding-4a sonoma-california-jewish-wedding-5

Mexican flowers in brighter colours with ribbon! via 100 layer cake  


How gorgeous is this!!? A flower curtain! you could also make it as a backdrop for the ceremony or behind the wedding table for your reception! via Pinterest 


Draped fabric and candles for the ultimate romantic touch! via Pinterest 


DIY Paper floral background via Oh Happy day 


Love this idea! Streamers galore! via 100 layer cake 

If you ever need any ideas or help to create your most beautiful wedding or event, pop into Little Paper Lane and we can help you out! or feel free to email me :)


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Pinterest picks

Lots of lovelies on Pinterest this week!


 Miranda Skoczek for Gorman via Pinterest

c4440c171edef9bdb2fe7ff7982bf523 DIY Rock Book ends via Pinterest. . . YES I am making these for my new bedroom makeover

9d76f1725350691ddb4a00c8a6b15455Little Bit of bedroom inspo via Pinterest   


Cute storage DIY via Pinterest 


I think ever set of steps in every city should be this pretty always! via Pinterest 


Skulls and pretty are always a favourite via Pinterest 



Dreaming of my next trip to New York. . . this apartment is looking like a front runner to stay in  via Pinterest   



Everyone should have flower hands :) via Pinterest 

Pinterest makes me smile and I get so much inspiration from it!

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To Cloth, or not to Cloth?!?!

What a great week we’ve had in the nappy world! I never thought I would quite say or think that sentence really?!?

Last Week I was invited to the very lovely Eco Baby Boutique in Collaroy Flower Child .   Our day Started with Minty waking up a bit cranky pants and clingy. So I was a bit nervous about taking her in this mood. She gets wild our Minty when she isn’t well or tired or whatever it is that makes baby pissed off at the world. 

We arrived and warmly greeted by Sal who owns Flower Child and Ella who helps Sal with everything. Immediately I felt warm and welcomed. Miss Minty who usually commands the spotlight was not her usual bubbly self to begin with, so I didn’t know how the day was going to go with Suzy sad pants clingy to my throat!?

Looking around, you could see everything was bright and beautiful, and very Eco friendly. Lots of lovely toys and products for bubs and mums that I would buy in a heart beat for any of my girlfriends and their babies. But most importantly their Nappies really stood out. Flower Child specialize in Modern Cloth Nappies(finally I know what MCN stand for)  and are Sydney’s only real life, reusable cloth nappy store and stock beautiful Australia Modern Cloth Nappies.

So We got a bit of the cranky out of Minty by throwing toys at her and this awesome necklace that is made for babies to chew on and she devoured it(great invention BTW) and Sal showed me the HUGE range of Modern Cloth Nappies. I have always wanted to use cloth nappies, but I always thought they would be super complicated. . . I WAS SO WRONG! Sal showed me how to use them, and we popped one on Minty to wear while we were chatting and now that I think about it. . . Minty stopped being all pissed off. . . WHOA!?! She was crawling around all happy and cheeky and exploring and having a ball! Maybe the Nappies are not only easy to use, great for the environment and great on the wallet but MAGICAL at making babies happy ;)

We had such a nice time and I left with a big bag of different cloth nappies to try with instructions in case I forgot what to do. . . I am proud to say I didn’t need the instructions! They are THAT easy!

So the Nappies we have tried out this week Have been~

Pop In reusable Nappies

pop-in-nappy_pinkturtle-webI have to say the ‘Pop in’  are My favourite for night time! They are so easy to use with the velcro,  and they have a double elastic leg to ‘catch’ leaks and poo explosions! I was worried they would stick to things in the wash with the velcro, but the little tabs stick to some hidden velcro and you dont have the problem. There is also a night booster pad  which we found essential to night sleeps! Minty has about two bottles at night and she does so much wee and she had no leaks once! There was also a quick dry minkee booster which was SO perfect for Day! It dries so quickly, and we were able to use it twice a day some days we were home! I have to say I was SUPER impressed with the ‘Pop in’ Nappies and i will be stocking up on more of them! 

Sal suggests you need about 20 MCN’s to keep enough on hand, and so you are not constantly washing! Parents spend about $2000 every two years on disposable nappies, and around $600 for MCN’s all up. But They last so well, your next child or relatives or friends could also use them after you are finished! You can by more booster pads, and you need a flushable liner. I Used the cushie tushie flushable bamboo liners which catch solids, and you just throw in the toilet! EASY!

The other Nappies we tried out were Bonniebuns and I think these are my favourite for day! They also come in a huge range of patterns that are so so cute, which I feel like is important, especially in the summer months babies are sometimes only in a nappy and singlet. They breath beautifully and are just an all round great nappy. We will be totally using these ones from now on and they just sit so nicely on Minty. It was like they were made for her! They are so soft, and we didn’t have any leaks at all! 



This was the pattern we loved so much! You can get them HERE 

and the other brand we tried was Wild Child Nappies Which I found had the best inserts! You can fold the insert to position the thickness of the liner to where your baby most wets! We never got any leaks. But I did find them to be a smaller nappy. Minty is very slim so she was fine in it, but she is very long so she wouldn’t fit in this size for very long. It would suit younger babies for sure! They are super soft and fit very well. But if you have a super duper chubby bubby I would think about using one of the other brands! I like that these came in plain colours too, a big selling point for me! 


Overall, Minty was dry, never seemed uncomfortable, they are easy to use, and importantly very good for the environment. It saves landfill, and saves you money and if you are a busy parent like me and don’t have time to do a million washes a day, you wont! We didn’t have a lot of extra washing a day. We do at least one to 2 washes a day having two kids and they don’t add a huge amount to the laundry pile which was important to me, as we just don’t have the time to be doing a million washes a day! They just went in with our normal loads. The other thing that was interesting was that when i was pregnant with Minty I had full intentions of using cloth and bought some super cheap ones from eBay and I also used them along side these ones, and I have to say, you get what you pay for! The cheap ones were the only ones that leaked and they left red marks on her stomach and sometimes thighs, and I had to wash her clothes almost every time I used them! I didn’t have to change Mintys clothes once after using these ones! IMG_4266

Thank you so much to Flower Child  for introducing us to Modern Cloth Nappies. We are totally on board and going to make the conversion! If anyone wants to find out more information about MCN’s or to have a demonstration in store, Sal will help you with everything! She really knows her stuff and is super duper lovely and friendly!! 

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Pinterest Picks this week

How good is Pinterest . . . like seriously! Its hard to stay away from. If you follow the right group of people, you will open your eyes to so many inspirational photos and things to try and see. This week I’ve found a few fun things I thought I would share!

If you want to follow along my Pinterest boards you can follow here



Cute Pastels and Fluoro Office via Pinterest 


Papery goodies via Pinterest


Whata  cute way to make Christmas colourful via Pinterest 


Matchbox advent calendar via Pinterest 


Washi Tape walls via Pinterest  


Digital Washi Tape via Pinterest  

Just keep Pinning, Pin pin Pinning :)

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Mother day window!! It’s still hard to see the hanging feathers and things but u et the idea! Thanks Rosie from @lalalandart Dbee @lplartroom from my house and @fionakatesimplegorgeousstorage for all the amazing help :) #littlepaperlane #littlepaperlanewindowdisplays #littlepaperlanefavouriteproducts #mothersday #birdsnest #mummabird

Mother day window!! It's still hard to see the hanging feathers and things but u et the idea! Thanks Rosie from @lalalandart Dbee @lplartroom from my house and @fionakatesimplegorgeousstorage for all the amazing help :) #littlepaperlane #littlepaperlanewindowdisplays #littlepaperlanefavouriteproducts #mothersday #birdsnest #mummabird

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The glare on the window is so full on I can’t even get a photo! But this is our giant nest! Good work @lplartroom I know u hate birds but u make a fret bird house designer! And a HUGE Thank u to Rosie from @lalalandart for helping create our widow! I promise I will get a photo soon for u all to see! #littlepaperlane #littlepaperlanewindowdisplays #lalaland #mothersday #littlepaperlanefavouriteproducts

The glare on the window is so full on I can't even get a photo! But this is our giant nest! Good work @lplartroom I know u hate birds but u make a fret bird house designer! And a HUGE Thank u to Rosie from @lalalandart for helping create our widow! I promise I will get a photo soon for u all to see! #littlepaperlane #littlepaperlanewindowdisplays #lalaland #mothersday #littlepaperlanefavouriteproducts

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Minty turned One :)

Far out! How the shit did that happen? How did she turn one? Remember the pregnancy  with her? Far out that felt like a lifetime ago. I am glad I am not pregnant. . . that hurt every second of every day with every single breath. I would of course do it again in a heart beat for my babies, but holy shit that fucking hurt!

 So we have come a long way. Miss Minty is an Aries on the border of Taurus and she is true to her astrology sign if you believe in them!? The first sign of the zodiac. . . a true leader, a fire sign, head strong, opinionated. . . basically, Minty is ‘The Boss’ as we like to call her. She seems to think she is almost 27 years old. She thinks she can talk. She talks REALLY LOUDLY. . . if you have met her Daddy you will be able to understand. She is in love with her big Brother Iggy(almost 6) and has possibly the most expressions on her face I have seen in any baby. She is hilarious, She is gorgeous, she is an Actress. She has so much fire in her soul, I am excited and nervous to see what kind of little human she turns into!

Ok enough blabbering about how fabulous my child is. . . cos how awesome is it when people crap on and on about their kids seriously! Sorry, she is so delicious though!

Here are a few snaps of Mintys rainbow party! She had such a  fun day. She was super tired cos she didn’t have a big sleep but as long as she has attention then she is happy. . . and attention was not lacking on this day!






Cakes and cookies were created by my talented mum from Sweet ‘n’ Pretty   

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