My 4 year old still sleeps in our bed

So I was chatting to my new friend the other day when we went on a walk, and we were talking about everything as you do when you have a  new friend. And somewhere up our walk up to Barrenjoey lighthouse(it was HARD for this slug body) and both our daughters are 4 and somehow we ended up talking about them sleeping in our beds the night before or something. And I saw my new buddy breathe out in relief a little when I said ‘Minty is in bed with us all the time’. I knew it was something we need to address a little more and not be so ‘judgy’ to parents about. It’s really no big deal if a random person on the internet or even a person you know, parents different to you. It’s SO totally sweet I promise.  (more…)

Have you got my back?!?

Do you go through life for weeks feeling like you’re all sweet in the head then BAM, that anxiety bitch just does that bullshitty heavy chest throat thing, and it kind of takes you by surprise, yet it feels so fucking familiar and you are SICK OF IT.  (more…)

Bingefest with LPL

If like me, you are usually behind a computer all day and night with work, or you’re on Facebook pretending to work(I totally do that, we can add that to our gang related activity. . .ps, I’m forming a gang and you guys are all in, more on that later) and especially if you work from home, you may enjoy having a show on in the ‘background’.  (more…)

The Ripple

Yesterday on my Instagram I posted about my thoughts on supporting small business. This is the post in case you wanna have a read and have a think.


(unknown source, please leave a comment if you know the owner)

Right now, small business retail is doing it tough. End of financial year time is always slow anyway, but throw in an election and it’s a ghost town. But yesterday I had to run into Warriwood(shopping centre) where it’s getting bigger and where it’s packed with chain stores and the place is bustling with people. Guys, if the public don’t go into little shops like mine and actually buy something every now and then, we can’t exist. I’m having a sale right now and for a small business to do a sale it means we are selling everything with no profit. $650 a week is my rent alone. There are about a billion other expenses that happen as well on top of rent. So enough with the eye roll when a product in my shop is 9 cents more than an online only store. It’s really really tough right now. Every day we have people at the door and out front gushing about how gorgeous the shop is and how much they love everything in the shop. We are lovely people and treat our customers with warmth and respect and the products are amazing, there isn’t any reason not to visit. Chain stores know how much customers love boutique products. So what they are doing now is copying our designers, mass producing a product and selling the product for $4. When the product we sell is $20. We can’t and won’t compete with it ever. We like good quality original products and we always will. But if you guys don’t buy products from small shops that you think are so adorable, we can’t survive. If it stays at dead as it is right now, and we have to work this hard it’s not worth it. We love what we do, but we literally cannot survive without you. You don’t Have to spent $100 every time you visit, a $5 card or some washi tape is so helpful. We work our ass off to have gorgeous shops for you. You need to keep them alive. Follow our shop account @littlepaperlaneshop to keep up with everything happening in the shop. And if you haven’t had a visit yet, pop in. It’s so lovely in there and you can get fish tacos and margaritas next door at@mx_monavale another rad small business. Stick with us guys. We want to stick with you  (more…)

About Us

We are a Happy Paper boutique on the northern beaches of Sydney, stocking beautiful products from around the world and from our very own backyard! We stock, notebooks, wrapping paper, ribbon, gift cards, invitations, and lots of little gifts! Come and say hello!

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