Alex and Ant make kids look rad!!!!

I have to say, I am pretty lucky. Since opening my shop, I’ve tried to maintain a good online presence through my social media pages. Its super important for our business to be imersed in the online world, especially social media. We dont have the money to spend on huge advertising campaigns, or bilboards or tv commercials. We rely every day on people seeing what we do and what we sell on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

So far I think Instagram has been our best platform on social media, because I try to not make my account all about products. I like to show that we are real humans who have a family and a little look into our world. I think its really important. It builds our relationships with our customers, and they get a more ‘personal’ experience through shopping with us. And I think people can relate a little more especially families and other working mums who dont feel so alone when they see me up at 1am balancing  Midnight Minty(thats what we call our 19month old who often wakes up at midnight for a little dance and chat) as well as doing emails or making window display. working odd hours is how we all have to make it work, and I think others can relate. I know I feel a little better seeing other people showing pictures of not just all the ‘pretty’ but of the ‘real’ life they live!

By sharing with the world a little bit of my kids, Ive been lucky enough to receive amazing gifts for them and I love to share photos of these gifts and give my honest opinion on the product. Recently Minty was gifted with the cutest pair of Alex and Ant cream animal print pumps. It was perfect timing. She has just decided she loves shoes. I didnt think she was my child for a while cos she hated anything on her feet, but since learning how to walk properly she has started to fall in love with shoes. Straight away she wanted these on and even though they are still a tiny bit big, they still seem comfortable on her. They are so soft and light, and most importantly AMAZING quality. . . and they look way too cute!!!

cache_350_350_animal shoes

Minty has just started to wear them around(A LOT) and even with them being a touch big, because of the softness and the elastic they still seem to fit on her feet totally fine. So they kind of grow with them. SO IN LOVE WITH THEM

Keep and eye on my Instagram for Pictures of Minty in her cute new shoes


  • Oh Jayde,
    Thank you for your beautiful post. We really do support and love that you have so many balls in the air (like all of us working mamas!) Social media is a great uniting force and it’s so important to invest yourself in others. Such small tokens can really make someone’s day.
    Love Fleur

  • I totally agree with making sure you have a social media presence. I think people spend more time online, than they do watching television. Keep it up and keep them engaged, if its working for you keep on going.

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